Beginning the Journey

Starting something new can be a scary prospect. Envisioning more, better and greater is the easy part. The “how” is where most of us become intimidated, get discouraged and overwhelmed by the details. A wonderful way to become unstuck is to remind yourself that all you have is today. And what can be accomplished this day, is all that needs your attention at this present moment. Taking one day at a time we’re able to accomplish the smaller, necessary steps on the road to the larger goal.

We are living in the age of information overload where life can seem overwhelming at times.  One way to combat those feelings is to make a list and prioritize. Start with one task at a time. Making lists is great way to simplify tackling the days responsibilities. If you get sidetracked or distracted, you can always refer to your list to get you back on track. If something doesn’t get done today, just add it the list for tomorrow or the next day.

Life will mirror our every thought and if we keep our thoughts positive, life will bring us better, more positive experiences. Whether you are on a continuation of your journey or completely staring over, go easy on yourself and celebrate every single milestone. You’ll begin to knock those tasks off the list, one by one, feeling more empowered with each day. You’ve come this far. Acknowledge where you’ve been, give thanks for the movement and continue forward as you grow yourself. And know that your are not alone. You got this…or should I say, “we got this” cause we really are in it together and we are on our way!


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