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The Importance of Having a Winning Mindset

by Dawn Ademokunwa
Every deliberate action we take starts with a thought. While those thoughts can be individual, they also are part of a system of belief that shapes and guides them. This belief system is created by our personalities, experiences, fears and desires. It typically operates at a subconscious level. We don’t usually think about the things that have shaped us— we just act them out.
A mindset is the more conscious and malleable aspect of our belief system. A mindset is a choice that is yours to make. Individuals who we consider successful have cultivated their thoughts and actions to achieve success. In other words, they’ve adopted a winning mindset. Those that have not achieved the success they desire have adopted a mindset as well, whether they realize it or not.
Some people who have not found success are okay to go in whatever direction life takes them. Many take comfort in giving up responsibility, but they are probably not content— merely pacified or numb. Going with the flow does not promote growth or success. Those things occur by happenstance rather than design. A winning mindset provides a blueprint.
Developing a winning mindset takes time, dedication and effort, but it is clearly not impossible. There are examples of winning mindsets all around from politics to entertainment and social media— even your friends and family. People that have achieved success in their lives have found a way to make their thoughts work for them— and you can too. There are four basic components to developing a winning mindset: belief, action, discomfort and perseverance.
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